Dr Muslih's Speech at the fifth Graduation Ceremony of Soran University

Dear guests, welcome to the graduation ceremony of Soran University. Dear graduated students of the fifth round of Soran University Whole-heartedly, I congratulate each of you. Serving you in the past four years was the biggest honor.... Read more

Dr. Muslih Mustafa: Today, Kurdistan needs to understand how to use natural resources to serve residents in a best way

In the inauguration of the First International Symposium on Kurdistan Region’s oil and gas, Soran University President delivered a speech. At the beginning of his speech.... Read more

SU Article about ISIS at The Conversation

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)'s war, and its recent attacks on Iraq and Kurdistan, has become headlines in the media and the subject of political research and analysis. Each of these sources has expressed their perspective on the subject.... Read more

A message from the President of Soran University on the Anniversary of the Chemical bombing of Halabja

On the anniversary of the martyrdom of Halabja and the Kurdish mourning day, our condolences go to the families of all the victims of the chemical bombardment. We hope that such tragic and terrorist attacks end on our country and people..... Read more