Soran University visiting professor receives award from his home university in Canada

Prof Sheyholeslami


Soran University is delighted to hear that our visiting professor, Dr Jaffer Sheyholislami, Linguistics professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, has received the Faculty Graduate Mentoring Award from his university.

This award is given from the nominations of graduate students from his faculty; he was praised ‘for his dedication to his students, approachability, use of storytelling to contextualize the topics he teaches and for the “unique ability to highlight abilities, interests and achievements students may not even know they have, making sure that each individual develops to their fullest potential.’

Dr Sheyholislami spent his sabbatical at Soran University in 2012; he said of his stay with us: “It was academically and emotionally satisfying. I connected with new and old colleagues, many wonderful students, and reconnected with my parents, who travelled from Iran to visit me.’

We look forward to seeing him again at Soran University.