Soran University with several International Universities, have successfully completed a geological project to be published in ‘in Sedimentary Geology’

Academic Project

Researchers from Soran University, working with an international team of researchers from several universities and institutions from six different countries, including Uppsala University (Sweden), Oslo University (Norway), Oil Institution (Abu-Dhabi), Windsor University (Canada), Brussels University (Belgium)and Rennes University (France) -  completed research that has been published in the prestigious journal ‘Sedimentary Geology’.

The title of the paper is ‘Hydrothermal Dolomitization of the Bekhme Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Zagros Basin, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: record of oil migration and degradation’. Dr Hawre Mansurbeg, Dr Rushdie Samad and Dr Kamal Odesho representing Soran University, took an active role in the research project.

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English Translation: Karwan Faidhi Kurd