Soran University, with the London Center for Policy Research, held a conference in the American Congress

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A conference entitled ‘Kurdistan and Iraq: unite or depart ?  was held in the United States Congress on Monday 24th July 2017 and was attended by Dr Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University.

The conference was a collaboration between Soran University and the London Center for Policy Research, which is a strong channel for Republican politics in Congress and an American decision center.

The conference began with a speech from Eli Gold, Vice President of the London Center for Policy Research and Dr Nahro Zagros, Vice President for Scientific Affairs at Soran University; both speeches concerned the importance of the conference at this current time when Kurdistan takes steps towards independence with a referendum in September.

Congressman Trent Franks followed with the conference’s first speech and led the panel of speakers’ discussion.

Panel speakers then presented their topics. The speakers were:

Bayan Sami Abdurrahman (Kurdistan Regional Government Representative to the United States)

Professor Walid Phares (adviser for Middle Eastern issues to President Donald Trump during the US election)

Dr Kamal Kolo (Dean of the Soran University Research Center)

General Ernie Audino

A number of renowned politicians in the American Congress, including a number of congressmen, advisors, journalists, attended the conference and the panel discussion.

The speeches of the conference were all concerning the future of Iraq and Kurdistan with the upcoming referendum and possible independency being discussed.

The view of American personalities about Kurdistan was very interesting, in particular General Ernie Audino declared that Kurdistan is America’s closet friend in the Middle East, and conferences like this are opportunities for people to become more awareness of Kurdistan. In addition Congressman Trent Franks said that independence for Kurdistan would be a chance, not only for Kurdistan to realize its dream, but also to create a nation that would be a source of peace and tolerance in the area. He also indicated his amazement at the achievements in Kurdistan, and hoped for regular conferences like this to be held so that there would be continuous opportunities for politicians and the American people to learn more about this situation in Kurdistan.

English Translation: Meram Salem