Soran University Repossesses Alexander Jaba’s Archives and Manuscripts



Soran University Manuscript and Archive Department, using their relationship with archive and Kurdology centers have managed to retrieve more than eighty Kurdish manuscripts from the years 1848-1866 by the renowned researcher and Kurdologist Alexander Jaba who was the Russian ambassador in Arazrum at that time.

These writings and books had been collected and brought back to Russia. Some of these manuscripts are very old, for example ’the Mula Bate Mawludnama’ and several other manuscripts, which have not yet been analyzed and printed. These books had been registered and kept in the General Russian Orientalism library. This archive center in Russia, along with the archive center in London are two of the most important Kurdology centers in the world.

Soran University becomes the first university and academic center in Kurdistan to collect and bring back these scientific and cultural historical documents to Kurdistan and make them available for researchers in Kurdistan. This endeavour by Soran University, bringing back to Kurdistan the manuscripts and research papers of orientalists, is ground breaking and of importance for the preservation of knowledge and Kurdish history by Kurds who have not previously had opportunities to make their own archives; much research and analysis by orientalists were retained either by the authors, usually foreign, or the countries which have sovereignty over Kurdish lands.    

Dr. Hemn Omer: Soran university Calligraphy manager

English Translation: Meram Salim