Workshop concerning children’s dental health



A work shop was held on Monday 23rd December 2019 attended by Dr Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University, students and teachers. This workshop was one of several held and was specifically about the health of children’s teeth and the importance of protecting them. The workshop was led by Dr. Takish Dlawar Kakazyad who is a specialist dental physician professor consultation and now is a member of the American Board forchildren’s teeth in Qatar.

 The workshop was specifically about the health of children’s teeth. He carefully explained the topic for the audience and focused on the necessity of having a family health system and a family physician; he added that it is important to pay enough attention to children’s health from the early years to produce a healthy community.

After the work shop, the audience asked many questions and received careful and helpful answers from Dr Takish Dlawar Kakazyad.