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Soran University - Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses

Soran University offers an extensive programme of undergraduate courses within each faculty and department. Undergraduate courses run for four years and students enter at level one foundation year that introduces them to the academic integrity and rigour that is expected throughout the duration of their course.

Each faculty produces its own curriculum which is growing constantly. Students are taught by local and international staff and the university is moving towards all courses being provided in English to enable students to access the wealth of academic literature that is available.

Full details of all our undergraduate courses can be found under the appropriate heading or in the student handbook.

The following are all the undergraduate courses offered at Soran University:

B.A. in Kurdish Language

B.A. in Arabic Language

B.A. in English Language

B.A. in History

B.A. in Geography

B.A. in Psychology

B.A. in Sociology

B.Sc. in Mathematics

B.Sc. in Chemistry (Nanotechnology)

B.Sc. in Chemistry (Industrial Chemistry)

B.Sc. in Computer (Hardware Specialty)

B.Sc. in Computer (Software Specialty)

B.Sc. in Biology (General Biology)

B.Sc. in Biology (Micro Biology)

B.Sc. in Petroleum Geosciences

B.E. in Chemical Engineering

B.E. in Petroleum Engineering

B.E. in Civil Engineering

B.Ed. in Kurdish Language

B.Ed. in General Sciences

B.Ed. in Mathematics

B.Ed. in Physical Education

LL.B. in General Law