Developing Personal Capacity for Post-Graduation Success


On the 9thand 10thof December 2015, Soran University's Career Development Centre (CDC) staff, with assistance from theInternational Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) and the American Embassy in Iraq, held a workshop, entitled 'Developing Personal Capacities for Post-Graduation Success.’ The workshop was exclusive to students from all faculties of Soran University.

'This workshop was for undergraduate students to be introduced to the necessity of having a job in the private sector. Subjects such as marketing, human capacity, daily work, and skills usage were discussed theoretically and practically via presentations and seminars. The lecturers were taught by teachers who have been trained in the United States of America.' said Mr Andy, a member of the CDC, in an exclusive interview with our website.
Concerning how students were accepted, Mr Andy said that 'There are some requirements, for example, students who can speak well in English are qualified because all lectures are taught in English; students are tested with an interview and an application form. Once accepted, they were divided into groups, each group consisting of students of a particular department.'
English Translation: Karwan Fayzi Dri