A Delegation from Mardin University Visits Soran University

Mardin University Delegation


A delegation from Mardin University, consisting of Prof Dr İbrahim Özcoşar, Vice President of Mardin University, Dr Ahmed Ceylan,Chief of Mardin University's High Institute and Dr Fasih Dinç, Head of Mardin University's Syndicate of Lecturers, visited Soran University on the 2nd February 2016. The delegation was accompanied by Dr Burhan Ahmed and Dr Khaled Zinwayi and were received by Dr Rushdie Samad, Vice President of Soran University for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr Yadgar Rasul, Vice President of Soran University for Students' Affairs, Dr Nahro Zagros, Vice President of Soran University for Scientific Affairs and Dr Qais Kakl, Dean of the Faculty of Arts. 

In the meeting, the Mardin University delegation said they hoped to develop the relationship between both universities and in return the Soran University's delegation declared their support for these developments; both parties decided to work hard to develop their relations to a high level.

English Translation: Karwan Fayzi Dri