Soran University lecturer writes a book on First Aid and dedicates it to the Frontline Peshmerga.


Mr Shoresh Mustafa Guruni, Head of the Biology Department of Soran University's Faculty of Science and a lecturer in the same department, has written a book on First Aid and dedicated to the Peshmerga who are fighting against the Islamic State (IS) terrorists on the frontlines. He made this dedication as a measure of the responsibility he felt that each and every one of us should do the best we can for our nation.

The content of the book provides information about the treatment for first aid cases such as injuries, heart attacks, cessation of breathing, bone breaks, stings and bites, chemical weapons and biological infections etc…
A delegation from Soran University, consisting of Dr Sardar Mihyaddin, Dean of Faculty of Science, and a number of staff from Soran University visited the frontlines to dedicate the book to the Peshmerga.
The delegation was received by Mr Sirwan Barzani, Head of the Gwer Front, Mr Hamid Afandi, Head of the Bashik Front, and a number of Peshmerga officers. Peshmerga officials thanked the delegation for the gift.
The publication costs are funded by Soran University.

English Translation: Karwan Faidhi Kurd