Head of council of ministries office visit to soran university



His Excellency Prof Dr Omed Sabah, Head of the Council of Ministries Office of the Kurdistan Region, visited Soran University for the purpose of participation in a Master thesis discussion in the field of law.

As well as this academic activity he also had a discussion about several issues in a meeting with the University Council in the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science and Management. 

Prof. Dr Rushdy Samad welcomed his Excellency on behalf of the President and the University Council; he then introduced the University Council to him and spoke about Soran University. The Head of Council of Ministries Office then congratulated and encouraged the President and the team of Soran University as they are continuing to make progress with the university they could lead the university to reach a position to shine in Kurdistan. During his speech, he introduced himself as one of the Soran University team and expressed his desire to support Soran University and its projects.