Ceremony of Respecting Dr. Nahro Zagros, Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Introducing the Vice President



 On Saturday, a ceremony of respecting was held for Dr. Nahro, ex Vice President for Scientific Affairs and in presence of Dr. Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University, members of university council, teachers, students and administration staff, he was working honestly and hard for Soran University and with the university team had a great role in terms of building the international academic relationships. In this ceremony.

Dr. Mohammed Ali, the new Vice President for Scientific Affairs was introduced and congratulated. President of Soran University, members of university council, teachers, and administration representative had speeches, and all assured that Dr. Nahro was one of the strong person in the university who had impact in terms of  the university progress beside supporting the sense of cooperation among the university staff, that is why they expressed their gratefulness and appreciation to him and wished to have a great success in his coming life stations.

In a speech of university council members mentioned Dr. Mohammed, the new Vice President, that he is a serious-successful academic person and definitely will have a great role to progress the university scientific plans.

Dr. Nahro, in a speech thanked all the audience and said that the working for Soran University experience was an important station in his life and learned new things there. he focused on the one team working that Soran University staff was applying which certainly had the great role in the success and performing their duty in that powerful manner.

Then Dr. Muhammed Ali, the new Vice President for Scientific Affairs had a speech, besides thanking the presidency of Soran University for trusting and giving him this academic position wished to all to work hard as one team to keep this successful achievement of Soran University. He also thanked Dr. Nahro for his previous position working in the best way and took benefit from his ideas as well as setting a strong basic and will take benefit from his qualification.

In the last part if the ceremony, a present was awarded to Dr. Nahro from the university council.

Dr. Nahro Zagros (CV)


Dr. Mohammad Ali (CV)