Iraqi Sociology center in soran university participates in a scientific conference in the Kurdistan parliament



In the presence of more than two hundred French parliament member and politicians, the Iraqi Sociology Center of Soran University in partnership with other scientific institutes, participated in a scientific conference in the French parliament entitled ‘Iraq, a country without a nation’.

At the conference, the French government presented the opening and final speeches with several political and academic people making their presentations. One of the presenters was Dr Adel Bakhawan, Head of the Iraqi Sociology Center in Soran University. He precisely analyzed the subject of a century of failure of Iraqi government history; his presentation received a warm reception from the audience.

The conference participants thanked the Iraqi Sociology Center for its work in preparing the conference; without this effort the conference would not have been held.  Dr Adel Bakhawan spoke to the university media and said “some of the French parliament members asked me to visit Soran University to see it closely”.