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Soran University - Access to Justice

Access to Justice

Access to Justice

During the first year, Iraq Access to Justice completed a Preliminary Assessment that identifies initial priority populations and partners.
The program will also complete assessments of partner NGOs, law school curriculum reform efforts, options for law school clinics in Iraq and Kurdistan of Iraq, and options for community-based legal aid clinics set up by NGOs and professional organizations.

These tools will assist in shaping training programs and grants for awareness raising initiatives, law schools and community based-clinics, and advocacy efforts.

To promote sustainability, Access to Justice partners, with NGOs and institutions from civil society, bar associations, jurists’ unions, and the government, including the Ministry of Human Rights, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, and Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, to design and implement program activities

In last January Faculty of Law/ Law Department in Soran University participated in moot court competition in Erbil which held by USAID as a part of the Accesses to Justice program, there were 20 college of laws in all Universities of Iraq participated. However the pleadings played in Arabic, we won the 10th place and we divided our team to respondent and claimer. As a first time taken parting in such activity, we benefit so much and it was an opportunity for our students to obtaining scientific skills and practical experience.