Directorate of Health and Safety


Directorate of Health and Safety in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - established in 2010.

The ministry began establishing directorates of Health and Safety in university governmental institutions as well as within the private sector in Kurdistan.

The Health and Safety objective is to obtain a safe and enjoyable environment; this system tries to minimize unwanted events in all the building of the Ministry of Higher Education.

This is the right for all teachers, employees and guests visiting any institution: to be assured of a safe and healthy working environment; Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

The duty of the Health and Safety Directorate is:

1.      To assess risk enabling a safer working environment

2.      To research and assess situations that can lead to injury and/or death

3.      To find quick and effective solutions for any shortcomings

4.      To follow up and action the solutions

5.      To disseminate in reports to the Presidency, Deans and Heads of Departments and Directorates, as well as sending copies to the Directorate of Health and Safety.

6.      To develop regulations and rules to improve safety and health and to resolve areas of concern

7.      To create and develop a file of follow up actions for future reference and use 

Health and Safety Training.

Fire fighter.

First aid.

Electrical safety.

Safety in the laboratory.

Medical Hygiene.

Food health and hygiene.

Environmental safety and protection.

The following risks should all be assessed.

Physical risks.

Chemical risks.

Biological risk.

Mechanical risks.

Falling and slipping risk.

Electrical and fire risk.

Food and water pollution risk.