Personnel and Administration

This directorate is the most important directorate in the university as it is central to the management and co-ordination of all the faculties and directorates within Soran University; it is the hub administratively, financially and legally with all other directorates and faculties responsible to it.
The directorate is divided into two departments: Administration and Personnel and Archive.
Key Responsibilities and Duties:
A: Administration and Personnel Department:
1. issuing and administering employment orders and contracts, both internal and external, for all university employees
2. issuing and administering resignation and dismissal orders for university employees at the Presidency,
3. issuing and administering the orders for ministerial transfer and the temporary transfer of employees to and/or from the university,
4. issuing and administering regulations for the working hours of employees at the Presidency
5. issuing and administering the regulations and entitlements for leave of absence including sick leave, maternity leave, un-paid leave, student/studyleave
6. issuing and administering the statutes for sending delegations of employees out of the Kurdistan Region
7. issuing and administering the university legal requirements for returning students/staff after the accomplishment of their legal year of studies
8. issuing and administering the university regulations for the age of employment of the Presidency employees,
9. issuing and administering the regulations for employee retirement
10. issuing and administering the order pertaining to teaching staff promotion and advancement: ‘Assistant lecturer’ and ‘lecturer’
11. issuing and administering the decree of spending bonuses for employees according to their specialization, depending on financial instructions,
12. issuing and administering university regulations for unauthorized employee absence; administering disciplinary procedures where employee working hours are not maintained
13. organizing the personnel structure of the university; allocating employees to appropriate directorates and rooms, defining their duties, rights and responsibilities
14. providing employees with letters of support when required for governmental or non-governmental institutions.
B: Archive
The Archive Department is divided into two main sections:
1. Incoming and Outgoing Department: This department stores and records all orders and letters issued by Soran University in hard copy and electronically. They arethen be delivered to all related directorates via an internal post system. All orders and letters addressed to Soran University are stored by the same mechanism.
2. Dossiers Department: This department creates and organizes personnel dossier for all employees and lecturers of the University. It also categorizes these dossiers to enable their speedy recovery when required..

Diyar Miadh Khalil
Layla Shekha Hamad
Layla Jamal Hamad
Samira Asaad Ado
Safya Jameel Piro
Jaheera Pouri Asmat
Adil Khidir Hamad
Adar Omar Khdhr
Farhang Mirza Wusu
Sabir Ali Salih
Zryan Hassan Said
Zheela Piro Manaf
Banaz Shawqi Mala
Mozhda Hassan Abdulrahman
Halima Hussein Miho
Fahima Chawsheen Kako
Sabir Sadiq Abdulkhaleq
Azeeta Jaafar Khwaja


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