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In the Name of Allah

My dear colleagues and friends

In the last nine years, Soran University has instigated new ideological, educational and teaching reforms. These achievements are not only an honour for the Soran area and the Kurdistan Region, but for all nationalities and ethnicities living in Kurdistan and for all Kurds around the world. In our meetings with universities and academics, it has been asserted that 'Soran University has made dreams become real.’

Currently, Soran University has five faculties: the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Education. Soran University's Delizyan Campus is on the edge of completion and, hopefully, all our faculties will be transferred there by the middle or the end of this year. Meanwhile, we have begun the process of building the Bapishtian Campus which is being built on an area of 2.500.000 square metres. 

Local and foreign engineers working on it claim that the buildings and environment of the campus are magnificent and it will be one the most attractive campuses in the world. Soran University has always endeavoured to be a bridge between Kurdistan universities and international universities regarding scientific and academic relationships. Yes, in the last five years, Soran University is the leading university in academic trends in Kurdistan. It has made scientific relationships with many renowned international universities. Our lecturers have conducted and published a great deal of research in American and European academic centres. Currently Soran University hosts many foreign lecturers, the most in Kurdistan and even Iraq,

The secret behind Soran University's success is collective team working; we work on strategic, scientific and academic aspects of the university as a family. As a result of this philosophy, Soran University has become well-renowned among Kurdistan universities. From a modest beginning in 2009 it has achieved remarkable progress in all areas of academic excellence; it is renowned for being the leading university in the Kurdistan Region, coming first in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) university rankings for the last two years, as well as remaining in a high position in the overall ranking for the whole of Iraq.

In the recent years, we have been able to ensure that Soran University has a venue for all learners and thinkers to express their thoughts. A great future is awaiting Soran University; a future which will hold pride of place in the history of Kurdistan. We want to make Soran University an example for other Kurdistan and Iraq universities to follow with scientific and academic reform and the trend towards science and knowledge.

Finally, we hope that you can help us create an atmosphere in which the results of education and learning can materialise; your understanding and moral support is the greatest gift for our future development. Let us go forward towards a bright future of science and knowledge!


Thank you
Dr Muslih Mustafa
President of Soran University