Vice President for Student Affairs

 Dr. Rizgar Saed Hussein

Vice President of Soran University for Student Affairs

Dr rezgar

The office of Vice President for Student Affairs of Soran University has responsibility for all student issues including their studies and scientific achievement; he is also responsible for general records, dormitories and sport activities as well as all other committees and activities related to students.

The Vice President for Student Affairs is based in his office in Presidancy with an office manager and administrative officers; the office organizes and plans the daily work and duties of the Vice President as well as being responsible for receiving and sending files relating to the faculties and to the Ministry of Higher Education. The office is also responsible for all the transcripts and works related to University students.

In addition the office is also responsible for organizing any meetings of the Vice President with students and other visitors who need his advice or support.

The Vice President for Student Affairs is also a member of the Studies and Submission Planning Committee at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This committee annually discusses the submission instructions, transport and the annual planning of student acceptance for universities. Reports from these meetings are presented to Ministry Council and the appropriate decisions made.




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