An international symposium entitled " Salahaddin:  A Leader for All Ages" was held on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. It was organized by the Department of History of the Faculty of Arts - Soran University. The symposium was attended by AP.Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas, SU Rector, members of the University Council, government, party and organizational officials, local and international academic specialists, and a large number of lecturers, students, and guests.




On Monday, February 27, 2023, a debate was held at Ismail Bishkji Hall, under the title "Iran Protests: Motives and Consequences". The debate was organized by the Department of Politics and International Relations of the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Administration – Soran University. A large number of teachers and students attended this scientific event.

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On Wednesday, Feb 22, 2023, Prof.Dr. Sirwan Zand, President’s assistant for Scientific Affairs, and the Head of the High Committee of Bologna Process, Dr. Rizgar Saeed President’s assistant for Students’ Affairs, Dr. Karmand Abdullah Hamad, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, and members of the High Committee of the Bologna Process, met with the heads and rapporteurs of the departments. During the meeting, clarifications were provided on the new procedures of the Bologna process for implementation in this season and in the years to come.





On Sunday, February 26, 2023, at the Farsat Sofi, a seminar was held to introduce the Life Academy book. The book is written by Prof.Dr. Diary Faraidon Qadir. At the seminar, Akar Shakur introduced the Life Academy project. The seminar was attended by AP.Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas, President of Soran University, and a large gathering of students, teachers and guests.

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On Monday, Feb 22, 2023, Soran University (SU) President, AP.Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas, met with lecturers’ representatives. While expressing his gratitude and appreciation for the lecturer’s role, SU Rector listened to the views, observations, and suggestions of the attendees. He stressed his full support to the lecturers. The attendees thanked the President for his keenness, interest, and organization of this meeting. In the end, it was decided that such meeting would continue.


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