Speech of welcome by Dr Yadgar, Vice president for Student Affairs for the 5th Graduation Ceremony of Soran University

Dr Yagdar Delevering A Speech

Dear guests, students. Lecturers, relatives and friends We welcome all of you to the 5th Graduation Ceremony of Soran University. Today we are fortunate that another cohort of students will receive their graduation degrees during this ceremony.

We are proud that you have successfully finished your four years of study and that you have met all requirements to receive your Bachelor's degree. I therefore congratulate you and your families for this fine achievement. I hope your hard work will bring a bright future to this country, and that you will work according to your professions actively to build a prosperous Kurdistan. This is why I also want to express my gratitude to the lecturers and employees of our university for doing their best to enable you to reach this stage of your life.

Finally, it is worth saying that we have to thank all those people who helped us manage this ceremony. Especially, thank you to the Mayor of Soran, Mr Krmanj Izzat and the administration of the Occasions Hall for proving us with this venue. Thank you also to the Security, Police, Traffic Police, Health and Fire Extinguisher directorates that have, as usual, given their help to us. And thank you to the satellite and local televisions and all the press, who are broadcasting this ceremony directly or indirectly. Once again, welcome to all of you.

Translated by: Karwan Özkürt

Editor: Shna