The Faculty of Law initiates a new experience:

Faculty Of Law

As published by the administration in the Faculty of Law, the latest activity of the faculty is testing a new experience to engage Soran University with the community.

The Faculty of Law will now hold seminars and workshops on a regular basis concerning the latest political, economic and social topics in Kurdistan and Iraqi society, by using the academic administration and with the participation of relevant and qualified people from within, and from without, the university.

A large number of students and teachers attended the first seminar which was held on the 24th November 2014; it was an academic debate about ‘the law of external loans by the Kurdistan Region Government in relation to the law and the economy’ with the participation of Himdad Faisal, expert in the oil and gas law, as a law analyst and Yousif Rafaiy, an expert on economic science as an economic analyst.

Translated by: Roshna Rasheed

Amended by: Shna