Kurdish Language Department – Faculty of Education, The Second International Conference



Monday the 25th August 2018 saw the Second Conference held by the Kurdish Language Department in the Faculty of Education; entitled Kurdish language dialects and identity it was held in the presence of his Excellency Dr Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University, Vice Presidents, Deans of Faculties, Dr Hiwa Kurdistany, Dean of the Faculty of Education, many local and foreign researchers as well as a considerable number of teachers and students.

The Dean of the Faculty of Education opened the conference with a speech of welcome on behalf of the conference committee organizational staff. His speech included his appreciation for all the work of the conference organizing staff and he stressed the importance that such conferences have. He also said “when we speak of Kurdish language dialects, we are faced with two important aspects on which we need to focus: one is the diversity of Kurdish dialects and the second is the identity of these dialects and matching them with the Kurdish language framework” He continued to say that the actions of some orientalists and other invaders of Kurdistan had the result of separating these dialects from the Kurdish identity; they took advantage of different dialects to create a division in the unity of Kurdistan In addition to the various geographical dialects, the capability of the Kurdish language to benefit from a standardized Kurdish language is an important point for discussion and more research.

He continued: “This conference provides an opportunity for you, as professionals and researchers, to study the Kurdish language in a critical manner; this is surely the strongest identity for Kurds as language is the bedrock of culture, history, identity and the passion of Kurdish  individuals throughout the history the of Kurd and Kurdistan.”

Following this opening speech twelve research projects were presented in four panels; language related issues were presented and analyzed. The conference recommendations were given by Mr Ali Hamad and discussed. Finally, certificates were given to the conference participants.

Photo by: Hassan Mustafa