A research project of Soran University in the chemistry field got the award of the first grant of scientific research council



Tuesday  the 3id July 2018 saw the awards ceremony for the first grant from the Scientific Research Council; it was held in the in the presence of his Excellency Dr Yusf Goran, the  Minister Higher of Education and Scientific Research, presidents of public and private universities, the Parliaments, Vice Ministers, general directors, professionals, experts, and researchers.

In his speech the Minister of Higher of Education and Scientific Research stressed the importance of this project and spoke about the research projects that were eligible to win the first grant from the Scientific Research Council.

In the field of chemistry, a partner project with Dr Samir Mustafa, Dr Sarbast Ahmed, Dr Kamal Yusf Odisho and Said Muhammed Sajadi from Soran University were successful in winning the grant with another grant being awarded to Soran University for Mr Rzgar Salim Abdullah in partnership with other geology researchers.

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