Cairo International Conference awarded Soran University with Kurdistan Leadership Universities



A conference for leaders was held in the Najeeb Mahfudh hall/Ahram organization in Egypt and was attended by His Excellency Dr Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University,  Dr Rushdy Samad, Vice President for Finance and Administration and many representatives of educational and academic organizations.

The conference was attended by the Iraqi Consul in Cairo, Mr Zuher Saaed Abbas as well as the former Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Muhammed Alaraby and was held to award prizes for leadership to institutions and individuals of Iraq, dependent on the reports from the evaluation committee. Several prizes were awarded to those who demonstrated important roles in several fields in 2018.

The evaluation committee looked at the leading role played by Soran University as an academic and educational institution in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, with a special award presented to Dr Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University.

Several figures and institutions were awarded the leading prize.