Soran University Participates in a Conference to Prepare for the Establishment of a Union of Universities from Twenty Six Countries



Dumlupinar University in Kütahya Turkey, invited Soran University, with Dr. Hemn Omer representing the Presidency of Soran University, to participate in the conference for the preparation for a Universities’ Union of twenty six countries on the 27th and 28th February 2019.

Representatives from seventy universities of the twenty six countries from Asia, Africa and Europe participated. Apart from exchanging contacts amongst universities, Soran University was announced as the representative of all the other universities, and focused on strengthening scientific and academic relationships amongst all the universities as well as between Soran and Dumlupinar universities. A preliminary Memorandum of Understanding was signed at the conference. In addition, it was also decided to demonstrate this union practically in terms of scientific and academic relationships and partnership as well as in quality assurance with both benefiting from a developed system of universities giving annual opportunities to high ranked universities to join the union. Soran University was the only university who participated in this conference.