The First conference of the Geography Department – Faculty of Arts



The first conference for the geography department in the Faculty of Arts was entitled ‘The Development Level of Tourism in the Soran Area’ and was held on Monday 8th April 2019; it was attended by His Excellency Dr Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University, the University Council, many local and foreign researchers as well as teachers and students from the faculty and university.

Dr. Muslih opened the conference with a speech welcoming the audience and expressing his pleasure that Soran University was the place for such a gathering of respected researchers aiming to find answers for issues and questions. During his speech, he stressed the importance of this conference as the scope of the topic is an important subject; it is a strong tool to connect distance between communities. Today however we are talking about tourism and consider it an important subject which includes nature, economy, history, culture, art and the direction of the progress of humanity. Dr Muslih reaffirmed that this is what has brought tourism as the principal and most important industry. The significance of tourism, in connection with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq:  “If tourism is important for developed countries, it has even more importance for us. In fact, if we have scientific and strategic preparation, tourism is a golden opportunity for our region. The Kurdistan Region, as a developing region, needs stability more than anything else.”

“Tourism has a great impact in a multitude of ways such as social development, economic development, job opportunities, psychological comfort, cultural interaction, social security, impressing others and so on. This stability can also provide other advantages by constant and forward-looking improvement.”

After Dr Muslih’s speech, Professor Dr Amanj Ahmed, Head of the Geography Department and Head of Organizing Committee, presented the speeches of the organization staff of the conference. After his presentation, several researches were presented by two panels in which all of them stressed the importance and special value of tourism in the Soran area.