Minister of Higher Education: “I am pleased and surprised to see such progress in Soran University in such a short time”

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On the 22nd October 2019 Mr Aram Ahmed, Minister of Higher Education, visited Soran University and received a warm welcome from Dr Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University and Members of the University Council.

His Excellency participated in a meeting of the Soran University Council At the opening of the meeting Dr Muslih Mustafa welcomed him and his staff and expressed his pleasure at the visit. Mr Aram then expressed his happiness at the warm hospitality and the meeting.

Dr Rushdy Samad, Vice President for Finance and Administration Affairs gave a presentation in which he focused on Soran University from its establishment to the present time; he stated all the achievements and great progress. After the presentation, his Excellency, Dr Aram Muhammed gave a speech conveying his pleasure for the warm welcome.

He said “I am pleased and surprised to see such progress in Soran University in such a short time”; he stated that Soran University was the producer of academic Kurds.

During his speech, his Excellency stated that Soran University is the University of Inspiration. He  conveyed his pleasure at hearing and seeing what Soran University has achieved and understands that if there is a will, there will be success.

In another part of his speech he said “I have heard a lot about Soran University, but today I saw more and this made me happy”. He also said “you call Soran University ‘the little big university’, but in fact your university is the infant little great university. Establishing a university here, in this area that has suffered such a great share of sacrifice for the freedom revolution movement was beneficial and I am grateful that you have made it distinguished and achieved such immense success with it. I hope to have a place in Soran University as a teacher after finishing my duty as a minister.

His Excellency also said “what I see here is that Soran University is full of wishes and dreams”. He thanked the President for his constant efforts which deserve great success. He also said “It was my pleasure to meet the Soran University team personally during my period as Minster; their only prior consideration was the progress of the university and their studies”. He also said “I see hope to direct the train of academic progress on the right path together. What I saw today widens my vision of higher education. Finally he said “I am a part of your team and I hope that we can do a fruitful job during my period of ministry; I noticed great enthusiasm and energy”.

His Excellency, the Minister of Higher Education then visited the laboratories and student halls conversing with researchers and students. Guiding students, he said “I am happy and feel jealous that you are students here in this University “.

On the same day, his Excellency gave a speech and participated in the tenth graduation ceremony of Soran University.