Soran University and the Grenoble Institute of Political Science signed an academic agreement



A significant agreement was signed on Sunday 8th December 2019, between Soran University and the Grenoble Scientific Institute in the presence of Soran University Council members, Oliver Decottignies the, General Consul of France for the Kurdistan Region, and Prof. Jean Marcou, Head of international relations at the Grenoble Scientific  Institute.

Dr Abdulhakim Khasro, Head of the Cooperation and Supervision Directorate in the Kurdistan Region, was also present during the signing ceremony to participate in the Soran University ceremony. At the beginning the President of Soran University, Dr Muslih, after welcoming the audience, introduced  the university staff and then the agreement was signed..

After signing, the French Consul delivered a speech and explaining that the Grenoble University includes the Political Scientific Institute and it is a noteworthy university; it will provide  opportunities for students, staff and teachers from Soran University to enjoy valuable activities in terms of higher education, research and conferences. He also pointed out that this agreement between the two universities and the understanding between the French government and Kurdistan could be a valuable opportunity to provide study places in France; at the end of his speech he thanked both the Grenoble and Soran Presidencies for signing this agreement.

When welcoming the French Consul, he said that when the Consul  goes to a ceremony, they expect him to do something for them, but everything has already been done today; everything is ready. I am very happy to meet you in this academic activity. He expressed his surprise at the team working and the professionalism of the university staff, and some will definitely study in France.

Prof. Jean Marcou, Head of International Relations at the Grenoble Scientific Institute delivered a speech in which he expressed his delight at this agreement and thanked the presidency of Soran and Grenoble Universities for accomplishing this agreement in such a timely manner.  He then pointed out the specialisms of the institute including an international program including the Middle East; this is the first agreement with a university in Kurdistan and internationally we have signed more than hundred and fifty agreements as well as Memorandums of Understanding. 

The President of Soran University delivered a short speech, expressing his pleasure at this agreement; he thanked Grenoble University, mentioning the pragmatic policy of the university and that  hard work will continue as previously. Also the points of the agreement: high Education, staff exchange, research and partnership conferences and partnership will be put into place..

Also the logo of Soran University was presented to Oliver Decottignies, the General Consul of France in the Kurdistan Region and Prof. Jean Marcou, head of International Relations of Grenoble Scientific Institute

This agreement is a result of a meeting one month ago of the Soran University delegation and the  Grenoble Scientific Institute that has now been put in place.