A summit entitled Kurdistan amongst the conflict in Iraq and the area was held



 On the 8th December 2019 a summit entitled ‘Kurdistan amongst the conflict of Iraq and the area’ was held in the presence of Dr. Muslih, President of Soran University, Representative of the Kurdistan Region President, parliamentary members, government and political party representatives, students, teachers and journalists from Soran University.


After welcoming the audience, the President of Soran University delivered a speech. He said that this summit is held in a very sensitive situation; Kurdistan is surrounded by a regional frame full of opposition, violence and demonstrations.  The last events in Iraq and the lack of a power balance in western Kurdistan, political crisis between Iran and the USA day by day, leads the area into an unknown future. Any sign of a positive future remains unclear. The Kurdistan Region faced financial crisis, war and troubles, beginning with the attack of ISIS terrorists until the catastrophe of the 16th October. Despite these obstacles, crisis and troubles, Kurdistan security, freedom and free life are available and safe. Today we want to protect the peace and security of our region and avoid it being the battle land for regional and other forces.

He also pointed out that this summit is coinciding with one hundred days of the establishment and the beginning of the new Cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government, with different endeavors facing new obstacles. Apart from enhancing the trust of the people, the government wants to provide an easy environment for the people with such violent surroundings.

The summit then began with the participants delivering their presentations as follows: 

Dr. Abdulhakim Khasro, Head of Cooperation and Supervision Directorate in the Kurdistan Region presented his subject entitled Relations of Iraq and Kurdistan Region

Oliver Decottignies, General consulate of France in Kurdistan region, and Prof. Jean Marcou, head of the international relations of Grenoble Scientific Institute

Dr. Adel Bakhawan, Head of Iraqi Sociology Center and Soran University in Paris by presenting a subject entitled the Iraqi Government Philosophy

After the presentations there was discussion in the audience and the responses of the presenters made the summit very communicative and interesting.