’Time as a term and meaning’ in a philosophic seminar DELIVERED by Dr. Muhammed Kamal


Soran University invited Dr Muhammed Kamal to present a seminar entitled ‘Term and Meaning of Time’ on Wednesday 8th January 2020; this was attended by members of the university council, teachers, students and guests,  Dr. Muhammed Kamal is a teacher at Milesian Australian University as well as a researcher in philosophy being a renowned figure in this field.

Prior to the seminar, Dr Qais Kakil welcomed him in his office and expressed his pleasure for his visit to Soran University; Dr Muhammed Kamal thanked him and also felt pleased for the visit.

He then presented his seminar in the Beshikchy Hall entitled ‘Term and Meaning of time’ but first expressing his pleasure for being in Soran University and saying that it was a pleasure to see Soran University as one of the top universities in Kurdistan. He then began the seminar about Time as a Term and Meaning, explaining that according to the theories of philosophers from Aristotle to Cant and Hedger. In another part of the seminar, he talked about relationship between Time and Existence. At the end of the seminar, the audience asked Dr. Muhammed questions and he answered them carefully. During a discussion with the university staff, he promised to visit Soran University again, stay longer and develop a philosophy course.

Dr Muhammed Kamal:

  • Born in 1955 in Kirkuk.
  • 1977 Graduated from the Teacher Institute in Erbil.
  • 1979 went to Pakistan, after completing BA and MA, in 1988 studied PhD concerning Hegel in the same country.
  • 1992 achieved his PhD entitled “I and the other by Dakart, Hegel and Hidega”.
  • Since 1998 is teaching in advance in Milbourn University in Australia
  • Supervised several MA and PhD thesis.
  • Published several researches in the English language.

He has tens of books (written and translated) related to philosophy. He is one of the most renowned figures in the field of philosophy.

Published Books:

  • Philosophy of Existence 2- Philosophy of Art.3- Aristotle Metaphysics 4- Plato philosophy. 5- Hedger Philosophy and Philosophy Revolution. 6- Nisha and New Formation. 7- Existence and Invention. 8- Nihilism and Directions of Thinking. 9- Sartar and new Understanding. 10 – Basic Ontology and Existence of Human. 1- Existence problem in the history of Philosophy.

Translated books:

  • Hegel: Phenomenology of Imagination. 2- Marten Hidgar: Time and Existence. 3- Jan Paul Sartar: Exist and not exist. 4- Aristotle: poetry. 5- Aristotle: Categories. 6- Plato: Republic. 7- A discussion with Hedger. 8- Metaphysic.