International Mother Tongue Symposium



An international symposium was held on Thursday 20th February 2020, the international day of the Mother Tongue. Mr. Mihad Mahaz Khalil, Dean of the Education Faculty, as well as students and teachers from the Faculty of Education were in attendance.

This international symposium was held to discuss aspects of the mother tongue for the International Mother Tongue Day; Ms. Hazha Chicho, Head of the Kurdish language department delivered a speech at the beginning of the symposium and welcomed the audience with an explanation of the purpose for organizing the symposium; she also introduced the presenters of the symposium  including:-

 1-Prof Dr. Yadgar Rasool from Soran University

2-Prof Dr. Zanyar Naqshabandy from Kurdistan University – Iran

3-Prof Dr. Hazhar Rahimi from Soran University

Each of these presenters clarified some important subjects related to the Kurdish language in terms of writing, spelling, internal and external changes as well as language and strength. The symposium received a warm welcome from the audience who had notes and questions which enriched the symposium. Finally, the Dean of the Faculty thanked the presenters of the symposium.


Photo by: Farid Qader