Soran University receives accreditation from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education



The accreditation of Kurdistan Universities was an obvious issue between the Iraqi Central Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government; as a result of strenuous efforts of certain Kurdish parliament members within the Higher Education Committee resulting in the Ministry of Higher Education of the Iraqi Government could not challenge the high quality of Education and the high level of Kurdistan Universities. A decision was therefore made on the 14th January 2020 to award accreditation to Soran University. 

It was necessary to award the accreditation to Soran University early as it had commended itself in an immense way in terms of high quality assurance of its education and scientific infrastructure. When Dr. Abdulrazaq Abduljalil, the Former Minister of Iraqi Higher Education expressed his admiration when he visited Soran University; he had a meeting with the presidency staff and spoke of his surprise when he saw the University, and said that Soran University was an excellent academic name in the whole of Iraq and its experience and knowledge should be transferred to other universities. Finally, he said that, after going back to Baghdad, he would directly give the accreditation to Soran University. In the last visit of the Committee of Iraqi Higher Education to Soran University on 22th September 2019, they were surprised to see that Soran University had made such progress and developed such a high quality of education.

We appreciate the effort of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and congratulate all the teachers, students and staff in our university; it is great encouragement to take more steps towards progress and opportunities.

This is the link to the visit of the Iraqi Minister of Higher Education to Soran University:-

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