Minister of Health: “By establishing this laboratory by Soran University, Soran city becomes the first district in Iraq having Coronavirus testing.”

On Thursday 2nd April 2020, in the presence of His Excellency Dr. Saman Barzinjy, Minister of Health, Dr. Farsat Sofi, Erbil Governor, Dr. Muslih Mustafa, president of Soran University, Kirmanj Ezzat, Mayor of Soran, and number of administrative and health authorities, Soran University announced the establishment of medical laboratory for testing Coronavirus, in a press conference, in cooperation with Ministry of Health.

Dr. Muslih Mustafa, president of Soran University delivered a speech, in the speech; he stated “Science, knowledge and laboratory can only be great when serving humanity. Then he mentioned that Ministry of Higher Education has showed its readiness to put complete laboratory, ability and its qualification to serve Ministry of Health. Then he stated that the opening of the lab is to work all together to fight against Coronavirus and consequently serve humanity. In another part of his speech, the president of Soran University said that Soran University started this service in partnership with Ministry of Health and Soran Health Directorate as a moral and national duty dedicating all its ability and laboratories to service of people.

After that, Dr. Saman Barzinji, Minister of Health gave a speech. He firstly expressed his gladness for his presence in opening the laboratory. Then he thanked the Ministry of Higher Education its cooperation since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak. The Minister said, Soran University as always was in the top in all fields, it is today the first in all of Iraq to establish a laboratory in Soran as the first district having the Covid-19 testing. He also expressed his gratefulness to the presidency, and president, of Soran University and the professional team of university. In another part of his speech, he mentioned that having the testing kits is not enough, but it needs the professional and qualified experts, and for that we benefited from Soran University’s professionals, and experts in Soran city. This also can serve the people of the area and decrease the load on the laboratories of the central cities.

Dr. Farsat Sofi, Erbil Governor, also gave a statement. He expressed the appreciation and gratefulness of Erbil Governorate to Soran University, president of Soran University and all those who participated in opening the laboratory. Then he said ‘I am proud that Soran, our district, has a university that has a great role in this critical situation. Today, it is cooperating with us so that we can alleviate the heavy load on the people of the region as it is a wide area and people can easily reach the laboratory and testing in case of suspicious infections with Coronavirus.

It is worth mentioning that the Research Center of Soran University provides the advanced (RT-PCR). The university has also provided a qualified team of its professionals. It has put this laboratory to service of  the Ministry of Health, and Soran Health Directorate.

The press conference can be found in the link of Rudaw satellite.

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