Mr. Shorsh Mustafa: We can administer at least 120 tests of Coronavirus daily, if needed.

After the opening of a special laboratory for testing Corona (Covid-19) by Soran University in partnership with the Ministry of Health a couple of days ago in the presence of His Excellency Minister of Health, Erbil Governor, Soran University Presidency, Soran city Mayor, and a number of authorities related to the issue, the lab is now operating, and can test tens of people every day.

The laboratory is run by a professional team from Soran University headed by Mr. Shorh Mustafa, head of the Biology department in Faculty of Science, Soran University.

In answering a question of Soran University Media related to the rate of tests, Mr. Shorsh said we can do fifty tests at least during a single shift, and if the Soran Health Directorate faced more suspicious cases of Coronavirus, then we can increase the rate and work two shifts. We are able to do more than hundred and twenty tests daily.

In terms the accuracy of the tests, he said that with their test kits and scientific capacity they can say that the results are hundred percent accurate.

At the end, and after wishing good health for all, he expressed his gratefulness to Soran Health Directorate for the great cooperation between them and the university.  In addition to thanking his team, he focused on their ability and selflessness and hoped that, together, all will provide the community a good service.

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