After Soran University, as the first University in Kurdistan, began the study process for 2019-2020 electronically (supplemental), it started first experience in terms of discussion of the postgraduate students’ thesis online. It was held in Soran University.

Per a decision of university council and in compliance with Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research instructions which mandate all processes related to the study of this year be conducted online until the current situation of COVID-19 is over and life goes back to normal.

In addition to resuming courses of both undergraduate and postgraduate study on April 19th 2020, the first practice experience of the graduate students’ theses discussion through the online method was successfully held by Soran University.

On Saturday May 2, 2020, and in a new experience through online method, a defense discussion of a Master and a PhD thesis was successfully held by the Faculty of Education of Soran University.

The Master thesis of the student (Muzhda Sadiq Hamadamin) from General Science department – Faculty of Education was entitled:  

“A comparative study of the difficulties of applying cooperative learning method at the scientific laboratories between Soran University and Salahaddin University in lecturers’ point of view”

And PhD thesis of the student “Zaman Salih Hassan” entitled “Sport Marketing Awareness Management From the Sport Associations In Kurdistan Region-Iraq” in the field of sport was held.

It is worth mentioning that both committees had a detailed discussion and assessment of both theses, and the defense by the students was good and they answered all questions and notes asked by the committees. The discussions were run in an academic environment. The Master discussion took 3 hours and the PhD thesis discussion took 6 hours duration.

It is expected in the coming days that a number of other postgraduate theses will be discussed through the same method in our university.