Participation of a Researcher from Soran University in a Study on Malnutrition for International Magazine ‘Nature Medicine’



In his most recent academic activity, Prof. Dr. Muhammed Sujadi, lecturer at Faculty of Science in Soran University, who was recently named one of the best one hundred researchers all over the world in the chemistry field and had the most academic citations, participated in an international research for scientific magazine ‘Nature Medicine’ which was conducted in cooperation with the WHO.

In a speech to Soran University media, Prof. Sujadi talked about the research on world Malnutrition and said: focus of this research is malnutrition which is defined as losing weight and weight increase. This study focuses on different variables such as location, decreased weight, and overweight children under five year aged from hundred and five countries (from 2000 to 2017) with low or middle income. Data was collected and compared. The results of this research show that malnutrition was in decline until 2017 (6.4%). This rate is still above normal range set by WHO (5%).   pdf icon30X30