On Monday through Thursday 12-14, May 2020, in the presence of his Excellency Dr. Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University and other political and academic figures, the annual panel of Soran University was held online.

This year’s panel was entitled (Kurdistan after Covid-19: Impact and Outcomes). The panel started with a speech by his excellency President of Soran University, despite welcoming the audience, he said:

Dear respected attendants, researchers, and beloved participants, welcome to everyone to the annual panel of Soran University (Kurdistan after COVID-19: Impact and Outcomes). This year’s meeting is a different panel at a sensitive time. We are pleased that this panel is held at a time that Kurdistan (people and government) have passed the first wave of this virus as one hand with the lowest victims recorded in the world.

Holding this panel online is a sign we need such a new model of distance protection from  great gathering and for a cleaner environment for a longer period, as the international health reports have indicated. I hope you are safe and healthy. COVID-19 experience has taught us many lessons. This experience taught that the cooperation between people and government is very important to overcome any issue and crisis, regardless of the size of the problem is. And internationally, COVID-19 reminded all that more emphasis to researching, science, universities, scientists, and providing more budget for researching and invention is needed. It also proved for all that despite of the great development in technology fields, industry, pharmacy and disease control, the virus can still send the large cities like Shanghai, New York, London, and Paris with crowds to their homes. It also showed us a  virus can surprise great countries with great economy, policy and technology such as USA, UK and France.

This is an example that brings the value of science and discovery to ahead of other fields and sectors. Therefore, despite fear and horror, COVID-19 experience also carries a message that humans should take a second look at their practical and theoretical system again in all directions, starting from health to economy, religion, and policy…etc. This made the decision makers to think about the world before and after Coronavirus. COVID-19 showed us that however health development is remarkable, the economy is advanced and strong, policy is stable, psychology is calm, but threatens are still in store for humans. This is enough to know that the most influential method of COVID-19 outbreak protection according to doctors and even WHO were some very simple actions and some moral discipline which should have been followed by people. 

It was based on this understanding that we decided the annual panel of Soran University address addressed this subject and focus on three important aspects of politics, economy, and health. These have direct influence on the society. Thus, we are not only thinking of  adapting, but want to activate the invention thinking in the midst of this pandemic. We want to create a brighter future through our interpretation of all dimensions; build a more stable life and with less issues politically, medically, physically, and sociologically. Thank you to all participants of the panel and all the staff who arranged this panel. Thanks for listening and be safe.         

After the speech of his Excellency, the first day of the panel started. It was dedicated to discussing political impacts. These respected people participated:

  1. Najmadin Karim “The Current and Later situation after Coronavirus, Solution and Vaccine”.
  2. Abdulhakim Khasro “Erbil and Baghdad, new Dawn and New Challenges”.
  3. Nahro Zagros, “The world after Covid-19: Kurdistan Region’s Economy on the politic and economic Map”.
  4. Zuber Rasool Ahmed, “Domestic challenges and the Process of governance in Kurdistan Regional”.

Panel Moderator: Dr. Soran Berzinji.

Second day of the panel was dedicated to economy and these respected people participated:

  1. Muhammed Shukri, “Investment plans for post Coronavirus age”.
  2. Dr. Hawre Mansurbag, “Scenarios of Post Oil price Drop and the Future of Kurdistan Region”.
  3. Yusf Barzinji, “How to do agriculture in Kurdistan”.
  4. Musa Barzinji, “Kurdistan’s Economy system Post Coronavirus”.

Panel Moderator: Hemn Mirani

Final day of the panel was dedicated to health discussions, and these respected people participated:

  1. Kamal Yusf Kolo, “Analysis of data for Covid-19 breakout: Domestic and international Perspectives”.
  2. Rebin Mahmood Zikhani, “Preparing for another wave of Coronavirus”.
  3. Abdulfatah Hamarahim Hawrami, “Future of health system after Coronavirus”.

Panel manager: Hemn Mirani

The panel discussions started at 4:00 PM Kurdistan time and ended at 6:00 PM, for the three days.

It is worth mentioning that a great number of teachers and interested people of several subjects related to the panel were attended the online panel. Moreover, the panel was sponsored by Rwdaw Media Network, and it was livestreamed on university’s social media pages. 

It is also important to mention at the end decisions is that many recommendations from the panel are being prepared, and to be given to Kurdistan Regional Government as soon as possible.

You can watch the three day panel meeting discussions on the following links:





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