Soran University Participates in Survey by UNESCO on the Impact of Coronavirus on the Higher Education Sector in the World

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After the Coronavirus pandemic had a great impact on the world in the health sector, economy, society and so on, most of the associations and organizations are trying to investigate the scope of this impact. One of the sectors that has been impacted by this virus is the higher education sector. In an attempt to show this impact internationally (International Association of Universities (IAU) / UNESCO in which Soran University is a member conducted a survey and international research in March 2020.

In a statement to Soran University media, Dr. Muzafer Sabir, from the Directorate of Academic Relations and Higher Education of Soran University and who participated as a presentative of Soran University, stated: Soran University as a member of International Association of Universities / UNESCO participated in this survey. The survey was online and was held between 25th March to 15th April.

During his speech, he said: in this survey, 576 answers were scored by 424 universities and institutes of higher education from 111 countries.

At the end of his speech, Dr. Muzafar said: the results of this survey were published in a special report by the association, and total information from the local and the international level were analyzed in four regions (Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe).

To view and read the report, please visit this link below: