On Monday, 28/9/2020, a delegation from Soran University including Dr. Muhammad Ali, the vice president for scientific affairs and Dr. Karmand Abdullah, dean of the Faculty of Arts, representing the president of Soran University, visited Halabja University and they were welcomed by Dr. Mahabad Kamil, the president of Halabja University and members of the university council.

The delegation of Soran University expressed their pleasure for the visit and discussed some issues related to higher education with Halabja University.

From her side, the President of Halabja University, in addition to welcoming the Soran University delegation, expressed her pleasure for the visit and developing scientific cooperation. They hoped that they will work on scientific cooperation in the future .

It should be mentioned that within the visit, Soran University delegation participated with two different topics in a workshop concerning (Innovative pedagogy is emerging: The Future of Kurdish Higher Education), which was organized for teachers from all the scientific departments at Halabja University.

However, previously, many similar meetings have been held in the presence of the presidents of both universities along with some committees, been selected to improve the relationship and the activities between the two universities.


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