Handren Center is hosted its fourth international translation conference



 On Sunday, March 28, 2021, in the presence of Dr. Muslih Mustafa, the president  of Soran University, members of the University Council and a significant number of local and international researchers, lecturers and students, the fourth international conference of Handren center for Cultural and Language Research was held. The conference was under the title "The Concept of Kurdish Translation in the International Translation".


 At the conference’s opening ceremony, after welcoming the guests, the President of Soran University gave a speech, in which he welcomed the audience  and researchers, and emphasized on the importance of translation, and stated that given the community’s current situation, translation is critical. He further stated “More than any other time, particular attention is being paid to the field of translation in Kurdistan, which is in the process of taking necessary steps to make progress”. In the second half of his speech, Mr. President  pointed out that , in order to do well in the translation process and transfer ideas quickly and smoothly, it is important for the translator to have a wide range of  experiences, ranging from intellect, expertise, and translation techniques to qualifications of the field which the translator works on. Finally, he thanked Handren Center staff in advance as well as  the researchers for arranging the conference.

Later on, a speech was deliver by Dr. Halmat Bayez, head of  Handren Center, and head of the High Committee of the Conference. In his speech, Dr. Bayez illustrated the conference’s schedule and thanked everyone who contributed in the events success. Within two days of the conference, nearly twenty scientific researches were presented by local and foreign researchers.

It should be noted that the first day of the conference was held on the university campus, however, the second day was held virtually due to the request of a group of researchers who were unable to attend the event on the campus.