An international panel discussion on Middle East during Joe Biden's presidency.



On Thursday, 22/4/2021, in the presence of Dr. Muslih Mustafa, president of  Soran University, several academics and a number of teachers and students, Soran University and the Grenoble University Institute for Political Sciences in France conducted a collaborative panel. The panel was under the title "Middle East during Joe Biden's presidency".

This activity, which was a part of the implementation of the two institution’s memorandum of understanding, focused on some issues related to the Middle East during Joe Biden’s tenure, and the subjects included most  of the countries where Kurdistan had been scattered. 

During the meeting’s opening ceremony , Dr. Muslih Mustafa,  president of  Soran university, gave a speech, in which he expressed his gratitude and welcomed the attendees as well as mentioning the importance of the of the panel’s topic in relation to the collaboration between Soran University and Grenoble University for Political Sciences, saying "Apart from the importance of the work, the meeting itself, which is a cooperation work between the two academic institutions of Kurdistan and France, has a great significance and demonstrates another level of cooperation and good relation between the two nations and the states. I eagerly look forward this activity".

 In another part of his speech, president of Soran University asserted the importance and sensitivity of the area and saying "It is always important and necessary for us, Kurdish people, to keep a close eye on  the changes in the area and to position on the politics of the powerful  states as well as their vision towards the region".

 After his remarks, the panel’s discussion started, with the participation of the following gentlemen:                                

Dr. Jean Marco (What new deal for Turkish-American relations for Biden's presidency are available?)

Dr. Adel Bakhawan (Joe Biden's Iraq: Is this state still  preserved?)

Dr. Jean-Paul Burday ( Is it going to be that easy? between redistribution, re-engagement and resettlement, Biden, Iran and the Gulf)

Dr. Hemin Mirani (Iraq-US Strategy Partnership: Joe Biden's Era)

Dr. Daniel Meier (Tension Zone or soft stomach? The  Syrian-Lebanese space in  the American Strategy in 2021)

Dr. Nahro Zagros (The evaluation  of the US-Kurdish relations in the past three decades  of contemporary Iraq)

It is worth mentioning that the panel was moderated by Dr. Ibrahim Malazada and  the panel was broadcast live on university social media.                                                                                       

To see the panel, click on the link below: