During the scientific efforts of  Soran University, Manuscript Center, on Tuesday, May 25, 2021, in the presence of Dr. Muslih Mustafa, president of Soran University, Dr. Salah Raza, president of Charmo University, and a considerable  number of academics, researchers and guests, the third international conference of Soran University Manuscript was held in Anfal Monument Hall in Chamchamal. The conference was in partnership with Charmo Center for Training and Research of Charmo University. 


At the beginning, Dr. Salah Raza, the president  of Charmo University gave the opening remarks and thanked the president of Soran University and Soran University Manuscript Center for their contribution to the conference’s success.

Then, Dr. Muslih Mustafa, the president of Soran University spoke on the importance of the university’s relation with the community as well as the responsibility of universities and scientific research in dealing with Kurdish history and personalities. Then he went on saying that as Soran University, they try to turn all areas and corners in Kurdistan places and corners of Kurdistan the research field.

 Later on, Chiman Tahr,  Faqe Qadir Hamawand's grand daughter, presented the family’s speech, thanking Soran University Manuscript House for collecting the documents and supervising the conference.

 In another part of the conference, Dr. Hemin Omer, the director of the Soran University Manuscript, spoke on the main goals of the conference and finding the Ottoman and Qajar documents, which are in two textual texts (Faqe Qadir Hamawand in the Ottoman and Qajar documents) specialized and printed to the conference. Further, he focused on some chronological aspects of Faqe Qadir Hamawand's life, as well as the preparation and publication of Faqe Qadir’s book, was specified  to the conference, besides, he pointed out that within four panels, twenty researchers from inside and outside Kurdistan presented sixteen researches.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

It is worth highlightening that this is the third meeting of Soran University Manuscript in Chamchamal, following the international conference of Allama Mula Abdulrahman, the great  in Penjwen and Alama Ibn Adami Balak in Soran.


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