On Friday, 18/6/2021, in the presence of tens of researchers and scholars from different universities and centres around the world, the  international conference of Soran University in partnership with Coventry University in Britain was held. The conference was under the title “ Revisiting Legacies of Anfal and Reconsidering Genocide in the Middle East Today: The memory of people, sacrifices, humanity and constant shock”.


The conference, which took place one day virtually, consisted of six panels, the content of the panels included the following topics: The history of genocide (two panels), gender, genocide, memory and genocide, the Yazidi case, genocide and genocide literature.

Considering the subject, the famous Israeli Kurdologist, Ofra Bangion, as well as a significant number of researchers from local and international universities participated and expressed their thoughts and opinions.

In a statement to Soran university media, Dr. Ibrahim Malazada, a lecturer at Soran University and one of the managers of the conference, stated " The conference was held in participation of a large number of foreign academic figures and Kurdish researchers, the events of genocide were recounted by Kurdish narrators”. Moreover, Dr. Malazada highlighted  "This narration is really critical as it is narrated by Kurds themselves, especially that is based on a scientific basis, as a speech internationally directed ".

 In another part of his speech to the media of Soran university, concerning the relevant shortcomings on the matter, Dr. Malazada stated " one of the shortcomings is that we have not been able to bring Iraqi Arab intellectuals and  academics to the conferences on genocide, because the issue is generally related to the Iraqi state as the principal perpetrator of genocide, which has not apologized to the people of Kurdistan, not even compensated the victims of genocide cases".

 It should be said that the organizers and presenters of the conference were the following:

  • "Dr. Ibrahim Sadiq Malazada" lecturer at Soran University
  • " Dr. Bahar Bashir " supervisor of the Middle East. Research Group at CTPSR centre at Coventry University.
  • " Dr. Steven McLogin " a lecturer at Coventry University .