Soran University and Soran City are hosting a major conference on September 9th , 2021. The conference, which is hosted by Soran University and Central Florida University in America, will last for three days and will be attended by 100 people, focusing on youth issues along with the solutions.

Concerning the participation of the conference, in a statement to the University media, Rayan Sabir, a graduate from Soran University and one of the conference attendees, pointed out that in addition to the hundreds of individuals who attend the conference, there is a team of 10  people who are responsible for the conference leadership and supervision.   

Rayan also added that in order to participate in the conference, one has to first apply for participation of the  current application and then select hundred people from the applicants.

In another part of his speech, Rayan Sabir said that those who will be chosen for the conference will be given a six-week course by Central Florida University, covering such topics as how to speak and focus on the problems as well as how to prepare for the solution as the language of the conference is English.

It should also be noted that this conference will be fully sponsored by the U.S. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with IREX organization.

For further information and filling the application, visit the link below: