Polish Academic Delegation visits Soran University



A high scientific and administrative delegation from the Polish city of Polsk visited, on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, Soran University (SU). The delegation was received by AP.Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas , SU president, and University Council members. The two sides met to discuss several issues.

The guest delegation was headed by Mr. Andji Novakovsky, Governor of the city of Polsk. The delegation was composed of the Chairman of the Provincial Council, President of the University of Polsk, Professor Sludki, Director-General of Culture and the Arts, Head of Foreign Relations,  Head of Student and Research Affairs, accompanied by staff from Rayal Foundation for Cultural Exchange and Human Development.

A joint meeting was held at the Faculty of Science between SU and the visiting delegation. From Soran University, AP.Dr. Sherwan Sharif, SU President, Prof.Dr. Serwan Zand, President’s assistant for Scientific Affairs, and Dr. Rizgar Saeed, President’s assistant for Student Affairs, Faculties Deans, and Head of the Scientific Research Center.

At the beginning of the meeting, in addition to expressing his pleasure and welcoming the guest delegation, SU President highlighted the work and program of the University.

For his part, apart from expressing their thanks and appreciation to SU, they indicated that they had come to the SU and wanted to hold joint discussions to establish bilateral relations. They also expressed their desire to overcome all obstacles and build bilateral scientific and academic relations.

The guests then visited the scientific departments of the Science Faculty and the Scientific Research Center. The President of the Center, Prof.Dr. Samir Mustafa summarized the center's work and importance and the research it publishes.