Soran University Ranks Second in Kurdistan Region

The second update of the Webometrics Ranking is announced

Soran University (SU) is constantly developing. According to the reliable updates of universities around the world, Iraq, and Kurdistan Region, SU has made great progress and is ranked second among public universities in Kurdistan Region.

The ranking was announced in September this year by Webometrics, an updated version of the previous announcement in July. In the announced 2022 update, Webometrics updated its universities ranking. This ranking is based on the latest data and information the institution has collected about universities in Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the world. Among public universities, SU moved from third place to second, ahead of Salahaddin-Erbil University, and with only a narrow margin behind Sulaimani, an old and large university.

Among 122 Iraqi universities, Diyala University topped the ranking, and SU came in 15th place, moving up three places from the previous ranking.

Webometrics is an internationally accredited institution that classifies universities locally and globally. SU, despite its recent foundation, occupies a high and a prominent position in the ranking of universities worldwide.

Following is the link to the ranking of universities by Webometrics