Soran University holds a seminar for Prof.Dr. Dlawar Alaa’ddin


Soran Univeristy (SU) hosted Prof.Dr. Dlawar Alaa’ddin. In two detailed seminars he addressed the professional teacher and the institutional university. His seminar was attended by a large number of teachers, and followed by a heated discussion. The university president thanked Dr. Alaa’ddin.

On Wednesday, September 14, 2022, another episode of SU academic training series for teachers and researchers took place. Dr. Alaa’ddin visited SU and presented an expanded seminar entitled "The Professional Teacher and Institutionalism".

In the beginning, Dr. Alaa’ddin thanked SU for organizing the event and giving him the opportunity. He recalled his beautiful memories when he visited SU 12 years ago. He expressed his admiration for the remarkable rapid development that SU has witnessed.

He discussed after his seminar subject in two parts and talked about the characteristics of the professional teacher and the institutional university. The audience then exchanged views and questions, and a heated discussion ensued. For his part, AP.Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas, SU President, gave a letter of appreciation and thanks to Dr. Alaa’ddin.

Dr. Alaa’ddin is the president of Middle East Research Institute (MERI). He is also a medical professor and specialist in infectious diseases. He was the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the sixth Cabinet of Kurdistan Regional Government, and wrote numerous books, scientific publications and research in both Kurdish and English languages.

Report: Zahra Samad

Photo: Sarhang Nazir