Soran University Holds its first Forum on Media Issues


Soran University held its first forum on media issues on Monday, October 12, 2022, entitled "Formal Media in the Era of Informal Media Pluralism". The forum was organized by the Media Directorate of Soran University, under the auspices of its President AP.Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas. It was attended by a significant number of journalists, students, lecturers, employees, and media enthusiasts. Kovan Izzat, a prominent journalist at Kurdistan 24 media foundation, was the keynote speaker at the forum.

The first part of the forum began by a speech from Soran University’s President AP.Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas, in which he welcomed the guests and praised the forum’s organizers. He highlighted the importance of media, the relationship between media and work and the political sphere, and the importance of professional media to serve the country and humanity. He also discussed the role of formal and informal media in directing the course of events. Then, he pointed out the significance of having a scientific department of media in the university, and hoped that in the future they will be able to provide this opportunity and open this department in Soran University.

Kovan Izzat, a journalist and presenter in Kurdistan 24, talked about his media work experience. He noted that media work is more associated with passion, work and media experience, so anyone who wants to become a media person must have that desire and experience this work, although it’s not that easy. He went on to say that media and appearances often shape the journalist and deprive him of some of his freedom and independence, so media work has its own weight, those who devote themselves to this must estimate it.

Hoshang Dara, the director of media at Soran university moderated the first - panel entitled "The Importance of Media in the Contemporary Era". Four academics participated in the panel AP.dr. Tahseen Hamad Ismail, in the Department of Law on" Legal Framework for Media and Social Media" , AP.dr. Zubair Rasoul, a specialist in politics and international relations, on "The Importance of the Media for Action, the Political Sphere and Democratic Life" , Dr. Rizgar Saeed, in the Department of Business Administration at Soran University, on "The Role of Social Media in Moving the Market and increasing Purchasing Demand", Dr. Ali Yousef, Dean of Faculty of Education on " Media as an Educational Tool in the Hands of Individuals and the State", and AP.dr. Hazhar Rahimi, Head of Kurdish Language Department in the Faculty of Arts- Soran University, on " The Role of Media in National Unity".

The second-panel "Techniques of Media Work", was moderated by Yadgar Ismail, Head of the English Language Department in the Faculty of Arts- Soran University. Hazhar Hakim, a media expert spoke about " Contemporary Electronic Media: Mobile Journalism", Zahra Samad, a journalist at Soran University’s Media Directorate on "The Importance of Orthography in Media Writing", Zebar Aziz, another journalist at the Media Directorate on " How to Formulate Media Articles", and Wulat Mohsin, graphic designer at the Media Directorate on " The Importance of Design in Conveying Media Messages ".

The forum generated a lot of discussion among the audience. A significant number of media outlets were present, prepared media reports and cover it live.

The Media Directorate of Soran University, based on the vision and strategy of the university, believes that its professional duty to organize the first forum of Soran University on media issues. Soran University, as an academic institution, attaches great importance to the role of the media in conveying scientific and educational messages.