Edson International Competition for the Best Patent is Held at Soran University


The Edson Patent Competition was held at Soran University on Wednesday, October 26, 2022. Faculty of Law, Political Science, and Administration- Soran University organized the sixth (Edson) International Competition for the Best Patent in cooperation with the Colleges of Education and Engineering- Samaraa University, and the French International Center for Scientists and Inventors- Iraq branch. 167 persons from 17 public and private universities from 10 Iraqi governorates, and from three foreign countries participated in the competition.

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas, Soran University’s President, and Halgord Shekh Najib, Supervisor of Soran Independent Administration, and a large number of lecturers, students, and guests.

The ceremony began with a speech by Soran University President. He praised the organizers of the competition and asserted the importance of such events as an opportunity to acquaint and demonstrate the skills of inventors. He hoped that those activities would continue to serve the creative thinking and work of various scientific, academic, and life fields.

Halgord Shekh Najib delivered his speech, highlighting the role of scientific and academic centers in proving an environment conducive to the thought and creative abilities of students and members of society. He said that the government plans to set up a center to collect the talent of innovators, which will facilitate the proper handling of these talents and innovation, and orient them toward serving different sectors and fields.

The speech of the organizing committee was then delivered by Dr. Qassim Al-Marsoumi, President of the French International Center for Scientists and Inventors, Iraq branch. He expressed his happiness at the success of this event and conveyed to the audience the greeting of Dr. Yassin Al-Shouk, Head of the Center. He thanked the people of Soran and Soran University for the warm reception.

Then, a short video about Soran University was shown about its history, works, products, and achievements. This was followed by a seminar by Dr. Ali Abdul Hussain Mahdi entitled: New Technique for Changing Blood Type from Positive to Negative Through Immunity. A second seminar was presented by Dr. Brayim Suleiman entitled: Legal Protection of Innovations between the (TRIPS) Agreement and Iraqi Law.

Afterward, honorary shields were awarded to a number of participants, followed by the opening of the inventor’s exhibition, in which each inventor displayed his patent in a poster explaining its merits, the services it provides, and the field it would benefit the most. Then, certificates of participation were distributed to participants. Finally. Prizes were given to several inventors and participants.