Soran University President Meets separately with Kurdistan Parliament Speaker and Her Deputy


On Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023, a delegation from Soran University Presidency visited Kurdistan Parliament. The SU delegation met separately with the Speaker and her deputy. During the two meetings, several issues were discussed and decisions on joint work were taken.

The SU delegation was headed by the President AP. Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas met with Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Rewaz Fayiq, and her deputy Hemin Hawrami. The meetings were attended by Prof. Dr. Sirwan Zand, President’s assistant for Scientific Affairs, Karman Abdullah Hamad, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Sattar Shekh Hassan, Head of History Department, and Chnor Jaafar from History Department.

The Purpose of the visit was to establish relations and coordination between SU as an academic institution and Kurdistan Parliament, to undertake future joint work between the two sides, and to making use of the academic capacity of the University.

 In order to define a framework for coordination between the sides, it was decided during the meeting that the Research Centre of Parliament and Soran University would work on a draft understanding, which would then be turned into a memorandum and signed into a road map for future joint work between SU and Kurdistan Parliament.

The talks dealt in part with the follow-up to the Conference on the Kurdish Cause in the Middle East: One Hundred Years after the Treaty of Lausanne, scheduled for next July jointly by SU and Kurdistan Parliament in Erbil.